Romana Andělová

After studying at many schools, graduating from the university of art & design, I have realized that the most important school of them all, as well as yours, is the school of life. Life is beautiful. I've learned to enjoy every bit of it and it is a fantastic source of inspiration for my work.


I´ve always wished to do what I enjoy doing and everything else takes second place and that's how it works for me.
I love stories and I believe in fairy tales.
Dreaming gives me wings, I love to fly and reach for the stars. It brings me great joy and fulfilment.
When I feel like it, I skate, ski, swim, play tennis or ride a bicycle.
But most of the time I draw, write, create and I absolutely love doing it as it is what I believe in and where I find my inner peace!


Bimbuli Story

The story of Bimbuli land is my own story. As a child I spent many months in the Department of children's hematology and an oncology fighting acute leukemia. At that time 85% of these children where loosing their fight. I was one of the blessed ones who won the fight. Since then I have created a line of children's products and I'm the author of many projects and mascots of many well known brands.


After becoming a mother, I have chosen to face my past. I came back and have decided to be a lifesaver to those who found themselves in similar circumstances. Cuddly toys, which for many long month shared my hospital bed, called „Krkouni" are now bringing hope to the families and children in need. Through the pages of the book of Fairy land Bimbuli you can get to know my cuddly friends brought to life as cow „Bůča", giraffe „Bláža" and elephant „Pupíno".


I wish you a pleasant flight to my Bimbuli planet."„There are no accidents in life. Even though it's hard for us to accept life as it is, everything happens for a reason. There is no doubt about it. I never pity myself and waste time thinking why this or that has happened to me. I try to see good in everything that comes my way. In fact, children don't see things clearly and that's why they look for answers where they can find them and where they're understood. In my case I found it in the planet Bimbuli. I wish to offer this place not only to my own children, but to all of you, whereever you are, whenever you feel misunderstood and you long to hide yourself in a safe place. I understand that not everyone was blessed with the gift of fantasy, but maybe it's just enough to show the way and to give a helping hand to those that lack it & can't find it on their own.


Ciaos Bimbulos

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